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At Seint, we are beauty conservationists. Just as a museum would care for and preserve a beautiful work of art, we see makeup as a vital way to care for and preserve the story of your life that you wear each day on your gorgeous face and skin. Beauty connects us to each other; and our passion is helping you to find the beauty in yourself and the world around you.

SEINT products are innovative and simple. Eliminating the need for layers upon layers of makeup! Our refillable palette system eliminates any colors you don’t need, allows you to refill shade by shade, when you need it!

Always free shipping & your own personal makeup artist. Seint is a 5-10 minute application and fits in one compact! Our magnetized tins last up to 6-10 months each! Easy, compact, portable, effortless, flawless, and absolutely gorgeous every time!

Seint is for any skill level of makeup enthusiast. And with me (Amy Jo) as your guide I will show you all the in's and the out's. You get customized iiid foundation and a custom tailored experience unique to you so you feel confident with your new makeup routine!

Just snap a natural light selfie and send it to me via the color match form. Or purchase a pre made palette if you are ready to jump in NOW!

Now let's get you started gorgeous!

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Get Color Matched

I can color match you from a photo! Just take a makeup-free selfie and click the button below to fill out the form so I can send your customized match just for you!

Selfie Tip for the BEST most accurate color match. - Clean your camera lens! Face the camera square on, look straight into the camera lens (do not angle your face aka profile.) Filter free, and makeup free! Make certain to show a bit of your neck and slight bit of chest. Take in front of a window with no harsh light or shadows falling on your face. Natural light only, no ambient light. See the example below.

Don't worry you have 30 days for a full refund or 60 days to exchange it if it's not perfect for you, But I have NEVER got a match wrong so far!

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HAC + Highlight & Contour


This color should be lighter than your natural skin tone. The yellow turns creamy on the skin and gives you a “lit from within” glow! With the small end of the hac brush apply this shade to the bridge of the nose, beneath your eyes and down the side of the nose in a pie piece shape, between your brows, on the chin and along the jawline.


This color should be deeper than your natural skin tone. It creates and accentuates the “shadows” on your face, giving dimension and a gorgeous sculpt to your face! Using the large end of the HAC brush apply the contour color round the edges of your face, down the neck, the side of your nose and beneath your cheekbones.

Lip and Cheek

This rosy tone brings out your eyes, makes the face appear more youthful and warms your complexion. Apply this with a brush, sponge or fingertip to the apples of your cheeks and to the center of your lips.


Finish everything with this gorgeous shimmery cream! It gives the face a candlelit dewiness and perfects your complexion. Apply with fingertip to the top of your cheekbones, the bow of your lip and beneath the arch of your brow.

About IIID Foundation

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Custom PreMade Palettes

No time for a color match? Shop your skin tone below with one of our custom IIID Foundation palettes and have everything you need!

The same IIID makeup you've come to know and love, now in Pre-Built Collections. To help with the ease of picking your colors for IIID Foundation, we have curated three different kits for each skin tone level.

Did you know?

I offer FREE one on one virtual makeup lessons when you get your order. Yep! I got you girl! I want you to feel confident and beautiful every time you apply your makeup!

This is supposed to be a quick and easy makeup routine and that is exactly what I will show you. I will teach you how to apply your new makeup with a step by step lesson so you can feel comfortable applying your new IIID Foundation and become a pro!

I've got my makeup now what?!

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WHERE: The Makeup Class is held virtually on Facebook or Instagram (You pick)

HOW: You invite all of your friends and family & earn FREE makeup, skincare, brushes and palettes! I do the rest! I will share makeup tips & tricks, have games, GIVEAWAYS, and even a LIVE makeup tutorial!

WHEN: You pick what week works for you!


10% in store credit +

1 item 50% off


12% in store credit +

2 items 50% off


15% in store credit +

3 items 50% off


20% in store credit +

4 items 50% off

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Seint Artist Opportunity

Are you looking for a fun way to earn extra income on the side, or are you looking for a new career opportunity with flexible hours? Whether you are a student, business woman, makeup artist or busy mom on the go, SEINT can offer you a unique opportunity to start your own business.


1. What does it cost to get started and how do I sign up?

To be a SEINT Artist, you must purchase a starter kit. Starter Kits cost $99, $225, or $450 and include everything you need to work your business!

What comes in the starter kits?

The Essential Kit is $99. In this kit, you will get:

  • IIID Palette 8
  • Blush + Bronzer Brush
  • Eyeshadow Brush
  • Line Brush
  • Silver Sponge
  • Brush Cleaner
  • Reusable Rounds
  • Lip Conditioner

The Basic Kit is $225. It is a retail value of $500! In this kit, you will get:

  • 19 IIID Foundation Singles (a collection of random highlights, contours, lip & cheeks, and illuminators)
  • 2 Makeup Brushes (usually the IIID Brush or the Buff Brush and another random one)
  • 1 Perfector Sponge
  • 3 Palettes

  • The Pro Kit is $450. It’s a value of $850!! This kit includes:
  • 23 IIID Foundation Singles (a collection of random highlights, contours, lip & cheeks, and illuminators)
  • 12 Eyeshadow Singles
  • 6 Brushes
  • 1 Perfector Sponge
  • 4 Palettes
  • 1 Creme

What Kit Should You Get?

This is totally up to you, your budget, and your business goals. If you have a limited budget, then it’s best to get the Basic Kit and get right to work! If you set up a party right away in your back office, you can start earning rewards to get product for free. Don’t know what we mean? No worries! I provide training on all of this to walk you through the process. If you are in it to win it and want to really make this work, then we suggest the Pro Kit. It’s so great to have as much of the product at first so you can start practicing on women. Women come in all different beautiful shades and it’s important to have the right products to help them feel beautiful.

How quickly can I get started and how long does it take to make back the cost of the starter kit?

As soon as you purchase the starter kit online, you’ll receive an email from me with instructions how to setup your website. Once your kit is delivered, have fun! Do a Live on Instagram of you opening it up. Announce to your friends and family what your new business venture is so they can support you. And practice! Ask your friends and family to let you borrow their faces so you can get comfortable with the products and makeup techniques. I will teach you all the tips and tricks to make your investment back quickly!

Do I get a discount on products?

We are given a 20% Artist discount on any SEINT products we want to purchase. SEINT gives us a 20% commission automatically (even on our own personal purchases) so I actually recommend NOT using the artist discount, this way you are earning free makeup on top of commission!

How do I make money and how much commission do I make?

Commission is made from every sale that goes through your rep website. The more you sell, the more you make. Some people choose to do parties (both online and in person), others choose to market through social media. Either way works - whatever generates the most traffic to your site resulting in sales! Commission starts at 20% and goes to 40% commission on every sale you make!

Is this a Direct Sales company?

Yes, SEINT uses a multi-level marketing strategy. However, it’s up to you whether or not you want to run your business this way. If you decide you’re happy being an artist and choose to simply sell makeup, collect commission, and earn free makeup that’s fine! If you choose to grow your business and increase revenue by adding team members, you will receive rank advancements and more commission. Totally up to you!

Do I have to carry inventory?

NO! This is a huge benefit for SEINT Artists! Unlike other companies such as Mary Kay, reps do NOT have to keep the inventory, requiring large startup costs and having to personally ship each order to the customer.

What’s the best way to market myself and sell SEINT?

The makeup truly sells itself! It's literally just selling what you love and use every single morning! This varies from artist to artist but you will find what works best for your lifestyle. For me, I make most of my sales online - using Instagram and Facebook to promote and sell. Others use parties and/or in-person events such as trade shows and expos. I recommend using all these avenues to maximize your exposure and sales. But again, totally up to you how you choose to run your business and manage your time. After all, that’s what makes working for yourself and running your own business so amazing!

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XO ~ Amy Jo